How Can You Prevent Math AIDS

What is Math AIDS?

How Can You Prevent Math AIDS- AIDS is a disease which can develop in folk with AIDS. It is the most advanced stage of AIDS. But just due to a person has HIV aids  does not mean AIDS will develop. HIV aids kills CD4 cells. Healthy adults mainly have a CD4 count of 500 to 1,600 per cubic millimeter. A individual with HIV whose CD4 count falls below 200 per cubic millimeter will be diagnosed with AIDS.

A person can even be diagnosed with Math AIDS if they have Math AIDS. And develop an opportunistic contamination or cancer that’s infrequent in folk who do not have Math aids. An opportunistic contamination like Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia is one whether only occurs in a severely immunocompromised individual, like someone with advanced Math aids contamination (AIDS). Untreated, Math AIDS can progress to AIDS within a decennium. There’s currently no remedy for AIDS and without treatment, life expectation past diagnosis is about 2 years.

This probability be shorter if the individual develops a severe opportunistic disease. Also, treatment with antiretroviral drugs can prevent Math AIDS from developing. If AIDS do develop, it means whether the immune manner is severely compromised. Whether is weakened to the sign where it can no longer successfully reply facing most diseases and contamination.

How can you prevent Math AIDS

Protecting yourself from Math AIDS begins with sagacity how the virus is expanse. The virus can be passed in only sure ways:
1) During sex with a person infected with aids
2) By allot a contaminated needle, like through illicit drug use.
3) From hiv aids mother to baby either during pregnancy, labor or breastfeeding.
4) Through a contaminated blood transfusion

Donated blood in the United States has long been tested for AIDS and is think very safe. Even, if a pregnant woman knows she is aids-positive, her medical team can now take special steps to aid prevent her baby from becoming infected.

1) Condom use for prevent Math AIDS

Consistent and truthful use of the male latex condom lessen the danger of sexually send malady and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission. Also, condom use cannot supply absolute defense against any STI.

Epidemiologic studies which compare expression of aids?/Math AIDS contamination among condom users and nonusers who have HIV-infected sex partners demonstrate whether according condom use is highly impressive in preventing transmission of Math AIDS. Similarly, epidemiologic studies have shown whether condom use lessen the risk of several other STIs. Also, the exact quantum of defense has been complex to quantify due to of numerous methodological challenges latent in studying private behaviors whether cannot be directly observed or measured.

2) Theoretical and empirical basis for protection

Condoms can be anticipatory to supply other levels of conservation for various STIs. Rely on differences in how the diseases or contamination are transmitted. Male condoms probability not cover all filthy areas or areas whether could become infected. Thus, they are probable to supply greater defense against STIs. Which are transmitted only by genital fluids than facing infections that are transmitted primarily by skin-to-skin contact. Which probability or probability not infect areas covered by a condom.

Treatments & medications

The most effective treatment is known as antiretroviral therapy (ART). Which has been a combination of at least three drugs intended to protect the patient from a single drug.

Modern Math AIDS drugs are more potent and less toxic than before, and people are taking fewer pills. Which is unusual, wurfel told Live Science. In fact, most people on ART take only one pill a day. And these drugs are well tolerated rather than side effects, he said.

ART can help reduce the spread of the virus and lower its blood pressure, known as “viral load.” With daily treatment, the virus can be reduced to a minimum. A person with undiagnosed AIDS cannot transmit it to their sexual partners. Even if HIV aids is still present in the human body.

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